Bulk Alloys

High Carbon Ferro Chrome
Ferro Chrome is one of the most versatile and widely used alloying elements in steel. It imparts corrosion ad oxidation resistance, is a mild hardenability agent, improves resistance and promotes the retention of useful strength levels at elevated temperatures.

High Carbon Ferro Manganese
Ferro Manganese is intentionally present in most grades of steel. Aside from its historic importance as a desulfurizer and deoxidizer, manganese is undoubtedly the most prevalent alloying agent in steels, after carbon. The main purpose of manganese in steel is for strength and hardness. Carbon is the only other element more important in this respect. HC FeMn also improves machinability and prevents the steel from cracking or tearing in rolled steels.

Silicon Manganese
Silicon Manganese is a chemical compound made by mixing natural silicon with manganese, an element found naturally in the earth. When combined, these elements can be used to produce a number of specialty steel alloys. Silicon manganese enhances the natural properties of steel, giving it increased strength and function, as well as improved aesthetic appeal. This means that these alloys can be used in applications beyond those associated with standard steel products such as deoxidation.