Responding to the growing demand for copper, SiderAlloys Intl SA has seen in the developing world, particularly in China and other parts of Asia, SiderAlloys decided to expand its business into copper.

SiderAlloys Intl SA and its subsidiaries are operating within the Democratic Republic of Congo. SiderAlloys Intl SA has its own local office as well as its own operation base in Lubumbashi, while having mining and production facilities in Likasi and Kolwezi.

In addition, SiderAlloys Intl SA and its subsidiaries are engaged in the global sale of copper metals produced from concentrates processed through facilities owned by others through third party facilities, via tolling agreements.

SiderAlloys Intl SA, markets copper concentrates, copper metals, as well as valuable by-products, through the main trading office in Lugano, Switzerland (Headquarters).

We are currently expanding our sourcing and production capacities in the Katanga region as well as in Zambia and Uganda.